All info contained in this warranty can be modified at any time. By continuing to use and access this site, you are agreeing to these terms of service.
* This warranty applies to all Engines. This warranty shall not apply to or include the following:
 Repair or replacement required as a result of any accident or misuse
 Repair or replacement of any engine item, including specifically, without limitation, to all components of the cooling, fuel, electrical, engine control system, and all ignition system components, belts, hoses and filters.
* Any engine used for competition racing or related purposes.
* Any engine which has been repaired or remodeled to which any device or accessory not conforming to original manufacturer specifications has been installed.
* Warranty DOES NOT apply to any engine damaged as a result of overheating or lack of lubrication. The warranty will be void on any engine returned with the heat tabs missing or melted out. Heat tabs will melt at 260 degrees and above.
* Any warranty repairs must be authorized by or it's selling subsidiary company and will be handled on a case by case basis.
* If we elect to replace your engine with another engine, the replacement is considered to be a repair of the original unit. Your original date of installation and mileage at that time remain in effect.
 Engine oil and filter MUST be changed at the first 1000 miles and every 5,000 miles thereafter (service records must be kept) service must be performed by a qualified service company and no hand written receipts will be accepted. Oil changes must be performed by a shop not owned or affiliated with the purchaser .
* Oil and temperature light/gauge and speedometer MUST be in proper working order
* New thermostat and water pump must be installed.
* Engines that are not installed by and it's subsidiary companies must have radiators flow checked. Radiators which do not meet original equipment manufacturer's flow specifications, must be replaced.
*Oil Filter Housing must be replaced on 3.0L V6 OM642 engines.
*All Engines are signed, I.E. marked. If marks are removed, or seal is broken, no warranty.
*No Warranty if Installed by a Dealership.
*New Oil coolers and Water Pumps, with New Gaskets must be installed.
*Initial engine start must not be dry. Engine must be spun over without firing until oil has circulated and pressure has built up.
*New injectors must be installed before running engine.
*Injectors must be changed or serviced every 50,000  miles
*injector failure will void warranty
*Turbo failure will void warranty.
*Purchaser must send proof of mileage and vin before installation.
*Turbo lines must be changed.
*Core charge will apply when core is not rebuild-able.No core return , no warranty.
*Proper oil must be used.
*Warranties are pro-rated based on date of purchase, date of install, and mileage
*Break In Oil Should Be 15W/40 NON-SYNTHETIC*
*Use of improper oil or running low on oil will void warranty. Proper  oil is  20w/60 Redline or Motul 300V 20w/60 or  Liquid Molly 20W/60 .  Winter time use 15W/40 same brands.
*This Warranty is not Transferable. and it's subsidiary companies do not assume and have no liability for labor costs or replacement of oil or anti-freeze, damage to other engine parts or components, towing charges, labor charges ,telephone calls, freight, lost profits, lost time, substitute transportation or replacement vehicle or any other consequential damages.
This is a Parts only Warranty, No Labor. and it's subsidiary companies have no responsibility for any failure resulting from improper installation, modification of the product, faulty or incompatible parts and accessories and/or abnormal use of operation.

**Failure to send in the core, will void warranty if not received or scheduled for ship back to Class Act Motors within 90 Days**