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Freightliner Sprinter Engines

Here at Class Act Motors & Transmissions, we remanufacture powerful Freightliner Sprinter Engines as well as make them accessible to our customers at thousands off the merchant or dealer costs. Also, our Freightliner Sprinter engines are sold with a FREE 3 Yr., 100,000 Mile Warranty. So tell me, do you know any Freightliner Sprinter engine remanufacturer, rebuilder, or merchant that can offer this guarantee? Probably, not.

Therefore, our customers purchase their remanufactured Freightliner Sprinter engine with utmost certainty knowing their Freightliner Sprinter engine block was remanufactured by first class, top-notch, mechanical engineers and machinists. Also, all the moving internal parts were replaced with new OEM parts. Practically getting a new engine! Lastly the engine passes a thorough rigorous testing to match or EXCEED the OEM specifications of Freightliner and Mercedes Benz.

The Ideal Freightliner Sprinter Engine Resource. Give Us a Call, Anytime. Let Us Get your Freightliner Sprinter Back up and Running Faster! 833-226-6690

Powerful Freightliner Sprinter Engines

Freightliners Sprinter engines are shipped daily and receive our prime quality and fastest customer service available.

So our customers don’t spend countless hours looking around on the web, then possibly end up getting the wrong sprinter parts or engine; They give us a call and we assist them on the spot. Therefore, with our many years of experience and knowledge about Sprinter engines and parts, we will get it right the first time!

Class Act Motors & Transmissions takes a great tremendous pride in remanufacturing our Powerful Freightliner Sprinter Engines. Therefore, we constantly strive to ensure our customers’ engine is remanufactured to meet OM Specifications. Furthermore, our customers’ Freightliner Sprinter Engine is then Quality Tested, Leak Tested, and Compression Tested to OUR highest standards, crated for shipment, and then shipped EXPRESS! We do also offer Local Installation for any of our Freightliner Sprinter Engines. Also, here at “CAM”, we do understand how much down time a Freightliner Sprinter can cost our customers. Our customers feel relaxed and rest easy, knowing their WARRANTIED FREIGHTLINER SPRINTER ENGINE was EXPRESS SHIPPED to them or Installed Locally by our very own shop! Hence, getting our customers back on the road faster, with lower costs than the dealer,  is what we do here at Class Act Motors & Transmissions (“CAM”).

Our Reman are guaranteed, quality, top-notch replacements for your Freightliner Sprinter Engine. Our customers can get their Freightliner Sprinter vehicle back on the road a soon as possible.


  • Free Warranty
  • Quality, Leak & Compression Tested
  • Cost Effective
  • OM-Specific
  • Installation Ready
  • Time Critical
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Prime Quality


We have Rebuilt & Remanufactured Freightliner Sprinter Engines In Stock.

With over 15 years of knowledge from personal experience, customers receive a Quality Freightliner Sprinter Engine, at the best prices and with the attention they deserve.

Here at “CAM”, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring our customers get the CORRECT Engine at the BEST Price, shipped Express,or Installed Locally! We ship out within hours. Finally, steps closer to getting your Freightliner Sprinter back up and running without missing a beat.

So, Just imagine this…….., our customers’ WARRANTIED REMANUFACTURED FREIGHTLINER DIESEL ENGINE, crated, and then shipped Express or Installed Locally. So now, customers just get their mechanic to install the engine, then brake the engine in!! And just like that, customers are back up and running in no time. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to call us and let us know. We are always ready to assist our customers and happy to hear from them.

Our ability at Class Act Motors & Transmissions to remanufacture engines & transmissions comes from our pride in giving our customers products that MATCH factory specifications, with the lowest down time, with the Best Prices!

Call us today for your Freightliner Sprinter Engine. We have it in stock, and we can ship to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Therefore, no searching for hours through countless websites, and wasting anymore time. Just give us a call and we can assist you today.

More Amazing Benefits to OUR Freightliner Sprinter Engines…


  • Free 3 Yr./ 100K Mile Warranty Included!
  • Shipped Express or Installed Locally!
  • Tested for OM Specifications
  • Fantastic Prices
  • Quality, Leak & Compression Tested
  • Remanufactured to Last!


The Freightliner Sprinter

Freightliner Has Been Working Hard Since 1930……

Freightliner was established in 1930 on a straightforward rule: give specialists what they want. Hence, that idea is similarly as applicable today as it was 85 years back. Today, Freightliner drives the path with the presentation of the 4×4 Freightliner Sprinter –by helping customers get an edge on the opposition.

First-Generation Sprinter Van launches in Europe.

1995 -The Sprinter Van makes a debut in its own class with highlights like high-traction rear-wheel drive, an open, and spacious cab, and also direct-injection diesel motor and modernized looks.

2001 -The Sprinter Cargo Van and Sprinter Passenger Van models officially launched in the United States under the Freightliner brand name.

2004 -Electronic Stability Program (ESP®)2 becomes standard for all Sprinter models.

2005 -The first-generation Sprinter achieves a production record of 150,000 units.

2006 -Latest generation of Electric Stability Program ESP®,4 Adaptive ESP®2 becomes standard.

2007 -The Second-Gen Sprinter officially enters the United States.

2010 -Thanks to the standard the BlueTEC® SCR technology, Freightliner Sprinter is one of the world’s cleanest diesel engines produced.

2013 -Worldwide, over 2,000,000 Sprinters were in service.

2014 -The Sprinter gets redesigned, inside and out. The drive train also gets upgraded to better assist the engine in greater fuel economy along with first class safety systems.

The Sprinter Van has the first-certified SULEV-diesel engine in the world, providing up to 90% fewer emissions than that of equivalent gas-powered engines.


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Class Act Motors - Remanufactured Engines
Class Act Motors - Remanufactured Engines
Class Act Motors - Remanufactured Engines
Class Act Motors - Remanufactured Engines



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