What is a core?

A Core is the original transmission with converter from the vehicle of which you are replacing with the transmission you are receiving from us. Once you receive the unit from us, you will need to pack up and send the original unit from your vehicle to Class Act.

The core is an exchange of your old transmission and converter for the new one you have or will received from us.

What is a core charge?

We charge a deposit to ensure we receive the complete transmission and converter. You will have 30 business days to ship this back to us. If you need more time for the core to be returned contact us and we will try to accommodate you.

Why do you ask me for a VIN number?

First and foremost we need your VIN number to ensure that we send you the right transmission for your vehicle. As well as we make sure to send you the proper parts including the shift lever, output flange, and torque converter. Depending on many factors including which plant the car was manufactured in, they may have different parts which would be indicated by the VIN number.